January 19, 2006

Unexpectedly Expected Expectations

Five things that Dane is incredibly pissed off with right now:

  1. The new version of QuickTime, which reports “The application QuickTime quit unexpectedly” every time I quit the program in a manner quite consistent with expectation.
  2. iMovie HD quitting unexpectedly every time I try to import an .avi file into a project. I know it didn’t used to do this. I know this because The World’s Hairiest Man Competition would never have been broadcast without this expected functionality.
  3. Mac Help. How come, half the time when I click on a Help Topic, instead of loading the topic it unexpectedly sends me back to the Mac Help home page, and the only way to escape this loop is to expectedly quit Mac Help altogether and restart it? Of all the things you would want to work properly in your operating system, you would think the help program would be pretty fucking high on the list.
  4. Midgets. Perhaps not incredibly pissed off, so much as incredibly amused.
  5. Taxes. I could kill you all.

Five things that Dane is madly in love with right now:

  1. Vasque Hiking Boots. You, my comfortable friends, are the chosen ones. You shall accompany me to the ends of the earth and beyond.
  2. Of Montreal. I don’t even have an album by them, but I am a man obsessed.
  3. The Areas of My Expertise, by John Hodgman. Funniest damn book ever. If you ever wonder what it sounds like inside my brain, have someone read this book to you as quickly as they can, all while the Hampster Dance song loops in the background.
  4. Hoboes. But this goes without saying.
  5. Saunas. I love you.

What are your lists?