March 1, 2006


Sometimes I feel like I need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Not those ghetto breadcrumbs that were so popular with the web all those (two) years ago, but real freakin’ breadcrumbs, like a pocket full of moldly bread and such. Seriously, how useless are web-based breadcrumbs, who have the nerve of being all hierarchical and such? I was born in a country founded on the complete and utter rejection of royal monarchies, and I’m not about to find myself ruled under such a navigational hierarchy. Breadcrumbs, you can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. Who’s mah boss, you ask? The sum-bitch ain’t been born yet.

And I spit on the ground just to make my point.

But really, too often I find myself in dark and shady neighborhoods of the interweb, and at some point I look up and wonder how the hell I ended up there. There are entire spheres of the web that are foreign to me. Assuming that the world is at least one percent as diverse as the web (note: it is), I’m sure I will find all sorts of new things to keep me busy until the day I die.

Case and point. Right now I have friends who are in Zambia, Madagascar, Antarctica and Duluth. Some are even in the United States. These are all places I have yet to explore fully, and until that happens I still have things to learn. Benkyo, benkyo, benkyo.

I’ve also been dabbling in drugs lately, and by drugs I mean JavaScript. Such ill-named substances as prototype and moo.fx and dojo and behaviour and scriptaculous have dominated my brain cells in the off-hours. Last night I wrote my first AJAX script, which sucked in a royal manner, but proved that I am capable of performing such nonsense on request.

These days I shop online with two windows open; one on Amazon and the other on Barnes & Noble. The cheapest of the two wins the order for that particular product. I often find myself simultaneously placing two orders with two different businesses. For this there is only reward and no obvious penalty, not in tax nor in shipping. No penalty, aside from the long-term consequences of my actions and the potential for a catastrophic economic collapse that has likely been predicted by Milton Friedman, that darling genius.

However, international financial ruin being something that I have not yet experienced, it would also be something worth keeping me busy. We’ll look at it that way.

Heya Dane, it’s Christy from Camp Ihduhapi. Every once in awhile I drop by here to see what you’ve been up to, and I must say, I am really proud of you. You are doing so much and you seem to be having a lot of fun–that’s awesome! I’m glad to hear that you are doing so well. Take care of yourself and feel free to email if you want! I’d offer up my address for mail, but I won’t be staying in one place for too long–I just got back from the Bahamas, I’m off to Montana for a bit soon, then I am going to be working wherever I can find a place to stay this summer and then I’m off to Europe for the fall semester of school, and it looks like I’ll be in South Africa during spring semester. *grin* So email me, I’d love to hear from you and it’s the only way to get a hold of me anymore.

Wow, Christy, it’s awesome to hear from you! I’m glad that you’re doing well, traveling a lot, and planning to conquer the southern hemisphere in the near future. That’s so freaking cool!
We must certainly compare notes. I will email you with the details. Until then!

Do not fall into the camp of breadcrumb hating. They are bits too! Think of all the little breadcrumbs who could have no future, no job because you don’t feel the “need” to include them onto your website. Who are you to set the standards? Who are you to eliminate an entire code set?
It’s just half a line located somewhere usually above the content, is it really bothering anyone? What’s next, top nav? Fly-overs? Footer nav? There is NO END IN SIGHT TO YOUR BASELESS ACCUSATIONS OF USELESSNESS!!!
It’s quick, easy code that let’s the Internet’s Hansels and Grettels get back from the deep forest of navigation so they don’t have some wacked out, be-warted old hag who doesn’t fatten them up ala Buffalo Bill style and make hot poppers out of ’em!
Don’t be a hater!