April 14, 2006

version 3.awesome

Tuesdays Robot

A couple of my friends here in Minneapolis play in Tuesdays Robot, a small country rock band with that perfect blend of Dylan, liquor and twang. Over the last couple months I’ve had the honor and privilege of redesigning their website, in anticipation of their new album which will be available within the next few weeks. Today we threw the switch on TuesdaysRobot.com Version 3.awesome and we’re as excited as a sack full of kittens!

The new site turned out great, and we’re all really stoked as a result. From the Movable Type backend for managing news, press and upcoming shows, to the moo.fx coolness on the Lyrics page, to the killer implementation of Jeroen Wijering’s Flash mp3 player, there’s some neat stuff going on. Not only that, fonts are scalable, the HTML and CSS code validates, and the DOM-based JavaScript is completely unobtrusive.

Why, we also think it looks pretty darn attractive to boot!

Of course, the real news here is not that Tuesdays Robot has a new website, nor that we built it for them, but that they’re throwing a huge CD release party at the 331 Club in Minneapolis on April 28th! Not only that, the Como Avenue Jug Band is also playing that night, so you’ll be sure to drink and rock your socks off until the wee hours. The show starts at 9:00 and it’s free, free, free!