February 1, 2001

the welcoming

Welcome. I will start by saying the following:

Making a webpage is a lot more difficult than it looks.

I thought that the only major hurdle I would encounter would be mastering the plethora of programs required to perform the needed web processes, but that was the easy part. Will be the easy part. Better be the easy part!

You see, once the files had been copied, I expected the creative process to take over naturally. It did not. I quickly fell ill with the blank-page syndrome; all my good ideas were quickly forgotten… then remembered… then forgotten again as the blank screen lashed out with great vigor and swallowed them.

As a solution, I thought to write something… some sort of witty quips and creative anecdotes that would choose the ultimate direction of this site for hours. Well, all I came up with was this drivel. Enjoy!