February 3, 2001

a quite day

Quite a day, really. I worked on Cromlech all morning… which on weekends in college usually means all afternoon. Hmm, that statement would be accurate, had not I deslept (awokened?) myself at 9:00. So. Cranked hard on this little friend and readied Cromlech version 0.002 for launch. If you enjoy the fruits of my efforts, drop me an email. If not, drop me an email. Perhaps Cromlech will soon realize its need for a guestbook and add one itself, but I am clueless as to doing it myself.

Even with all that being said, it does not justify my first statement of this being a day with ‘quite’ qualities. My roommate Ryan eventually tore me from my web-editing post, and we ran and did errands. The mall was fairly exciting, as I haven’t seen that many rude people since leaving my homely ‘burbs. Ah, perhaps I am unfair, as I knocked down my fair share of slow, elderly folk. I did go to–what’s its name? Claire’s? The one that’s straight out of the 80’s with its gaudy hairpieces and hackneyed wares. They had NSync dolls on clearance for ten bucks. I thought to buy one just to torture it, but then I saw through to their clever marketing scheme. They lower the price, knowing full well that half the people who will purchase the figures do so with plans similar to mine. Also, I decided I didn’t have enough of a bone to pick with any specific member of NSync, and singling one out randomly just wouldn’t be fair. I moved on…

…and found Space Ghost action figures! And episodes of Red Green, and Transformers-The Movie, and John Wayne westerns, and Terry Pratchett books, and Power Puff Girls cereal, and…

Well, I finally settled on getting a Blue’s Clues video. Nothing takes the edge off a day like Blue’s Stop, Look and Listen. Fifty-seven minutes of thinking-skills bliss. Even the cassette, with it’s bright peachy-orange casing, brings a joyful tear to my eye. It’s impossible to feel downtrodden as befuddled Steve follows that animated dog around. For how bad my day may have been, at least I’m not Steve. At least I can grasp the obvious, and do not require a blue apparition to lead me around my vivid world. Ahh, but I love Steve. Reminds me of Aaron Tande. Tande, if you’re out there, Steve and Blue would love to hear from ya.

Back to the mall. I saw a pair of filthily large, vicious pants trying to consume a poor teen. His friends were yelling at him from behind, likely to warn him of his peril, but the boy’s threatening glare and hand gesture quickly silenced them. “Dude, don’t yell my name! People will think I’m uncool, now that they know I have a name! The mystique is gone, man.” This is possibly what he said later, in so many four letter words… granted he could speak after the pants finished with him.

Excellent. Antiques Roadshow is on, which is always, always a good watch. PBS comes in fine on our tv, if you don’t mind the airport’s unending weather forcast for audio. Sometimes they even get Stephen Hawking to do a reading; probably in between explaining black holes, quarks and such. Man, that guy has such a hypnotizing voice. I could listen to him all nio-06 342y j ]wq snnrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll;;;l;;;;l;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;