February 16, 2001

where art thou, iolaus?

Cromlech is getting too large. I had originally hoped that by this point it would maintain itself, such that I could watch cartoons as it updates graphics, content, bad grammar and lousy navigation. It has not yet attained this sentience and I am gravely disappointed. It has hideously overdeveloped limbs (Grrzmiquaccroix) in striking contrast to painfully stunted ones (Biographical Warfare, Mheu-Zhaque). My planned solution to this problem? Add more limbs! Soon to be featured are new sections like Bad Ideas and Prosaic Fame! Why create quality when I can keep piling on half-assed idea after idea? Before we know it the whole menu on the left will be full, each page a frail mockery of its frail predecessor! Bwa-ha-ha! I am unstoppable! You will all swear fealty to the poisonous hydra of Greek mythology! For every page of Cromlech you attempt to dismember, three more will grow in its place! No helpful Iolaus to cauterize the wound! HAHAHAHAHAHA!