April 10, 2001

plum dizzy

Ga. I’m plum dizzy with things to do. Today I mapped out my calendar for the rest of the year and April is already over in my mind. I’m frantically trying to get things done before the unholy finals bell chimes its grim tune. I really wish I could hire a monkey to run around and do things that aren’t important yet strangely necessary… train it to buy reeds, write emails, wash dishes, find a summer job, write compositions, draw t-shirt designs, transcribe solos, go to class, write nasty letters to the Statesman, bite people… Dammit, I wouldn’t even have time to train a monkey. Maybe I could buy another monkey to train the monkey. But who will train the first monkey? I’ll get Ryan to do it. Lord knows he’s got enough time on his hands, f’in’ business major and all.

Irony is wanting a trained monkey, only to discover that you yourself are the perfect trained monkey for the job.

Irony is whining about having too much to do, but wasting one’s time posting the whines on a website.

Irony is, is that it’s all in your mind.