April 13, 2001

some people deserve nebraska

Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous day. I had almost forgotten what the sun looked like… I saw my shadow for the first time in a week and was frightened. A little bit of FFIX over breakfast and then took a quick dash to class. Like the genius I am I forgot my Vierne book for Theory, but Rubin was absolutely on [emphasis added] today and we never got to the analysis. Go see the resulting banter in Rubin Sez! Next came philosophy where only half the class bothered showing up. Our diminished group had some beautiful discussions about Karl Marx, where we all unanimously agreed with his thoughts of worker exploitation and alienation. Ha. Alien Nation. Remember that show? It was on Fox and really sucked. One could easily distinguish between the humans and aliens because the aliens had bald heads covered in purple blemishes. Their skin charred when it came into contact with saltwater, so it was kind of silly of them to take up residence in costal California. It pains me to say, but they’d been better off in Nebraska.

Stupid stupid internet, keeping me up late…