April 24, 2001

gentlemen, start your blithering

Ha. There’s a sign over a urinal in Humanities, er… over a urinal in a bathroom in Humanities. A urinal in Humanities would be funny. Would they put it in the hallway or a classroom? Who would be gutsy enough to use it? Anyway, the sign says Gentlemen, Please remember to flush! While this is funny simply because there are no gentleman in the basement of Humanities (only hordes of music majors with chips on their collective shoulders), someone has amended the sign and added to the hilarity. Scrawled in pen, it states Don’t flush, Save water! In light of our recent conflicts with precipitation, another person has added We don’t need more water. Still another fellow reliever, writing utensil in hand, has underlined flush and written Help the flood.

As I look back, this entry is poorly written and not funny. I’m gonna post it anyway. Why, soon I will even post a nauseatingly detailed account of last weekend’s weather. Think you’re bored now? This one will make you cry.