September 13, 2001

keep it free, funky

The All Mighty Senators played here at UMD tonight, giving many people the cathartic relief from tragedy that we all need at this time. The Senators began their show by saying that 48 hours ago they were considering cancelling the tour. But they held fast, saying “We all need to know its ok to dance again, hug our friends. We’re glad to be here.”

The audience was pleased of their presence as well, and everyone danced extra hard. The Senators presented a beautifully arranged show with pieces to enlighten the soul and cure the troubled mind. A song with the simple line “I’m from the USA,” drew loud cheers from the crowd. An encore with the popular “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” was an emotional declaration of our collective strength.

Suddenly American life does not seem as frivilous as it did before. They crashed airplanes into landmarks with the hope of driving our country into a mad panic, but instead they have pulled us ever closer together.

Don’t mess with Texas.