September 15, 2001

religious zealotry

A bunch of us Wooch!ers went up the Shore today and stomped around Tettegouche. The countryside is now dotted with patriotic symbols… banners with encouraging words, fast food restaraunts that have replaced the “99 cent double cheeseburger” lettering with something more inspiring, American flags hanging from significantly more surfaces than in recent years…

…and the trip was super fun! We played on the beach, walked along the river, fell in the river, found a nice swimming hole and finally got ‘baptized’ in the river. Crazy Jeff found a tall cliff and christened it by jumping off first. Like good religious zealots most of us followed suit, and the records of our plunge into faith are forever recorded digitally. If the Wooch! webpage ever gets up and running the photos will be posted. Especially the ones with nudity. If.