September 26, 2001

automan, roofing tar, blood

Ga. The last few days I’ve been spinning in a washing machine of collegiate chaos that even Automan hasn’t been able to nullify. I’ve been slowly inching up on my homework, but I have an essay due tomorrow for American Lit that I haven’t even considered yet.

Went to bed late last night reading Hobbes for philosophy, woke up early this morning for the Wooch! table setup. Most of today was spent in class or campaigning at the table, which has all sorts of cool stuff on it; Prince Albert in a Can, a rubber rat, various rocks, the Horn, Spam, Godzilla, ski poles, snow shoes, a Swedish pastor… and Doug’s red blinking light. Eventually got home, went to jazz, got home, ate a rotten chicken burrito, took a bastu and showed up late to the Wooch! meeting. When trying to do some book keeping after the meeting, people kept confusing me on purpose. I now have At the current moment I should be writing an essay.

Yesterday was fun, too. Went to bed late talking to a friend and woke up for philosophy where I sat for an hour breathing hot roofing tar. The room spun. Then I had two hours of Geology lab and 1 1/2 hours of American Lit. Got home, took a nap. The computer I built for Tyler and Greta crashed, so I talked to them about getting it working again. While talking to them I tried in vain to fix my USB ports, which have been terribly finicky lately. Went to jazz, got home, burned my Pasta Roni and decided to salvage the rest of the evening by going out to Miller Hill.

My car started with some coaxing and I went to Target. Dropped off film, got dish soap, toilet cleaner, lotion, glue sticks, car mats, window washer fluid, fuel injector treatment, kitchen fragrance, ball point pens and Neosporin. Some of these products will be put to immediate use, as we will see.

Went to Gander Mountain for some seam sealer, as my tent still leaks even after two tubes of the stuff. Finally went to the liquor store and bought some bottles of Carlsburg… I found it only appropriate that my first alcohol purchase be imported Danish beer.

So I got home absolutely exhausted, and wanted nothing more than to start on my homework… so logically I start working on opening the lotion bottle. I spent five minutes trying to cut off a plastic guard and finally plunged the scissors into my finger. Bleeding profusely, I scrambled for the bathroom, rinsed the wound, scrambled back to my room, got the Neosporin, scrambled back to the bathroom and put on a bandage. Tom prescribed an E.L. Fudge to reduce the pain. So I continued my attempt to open the lotion bottle and spilled it all over my pants and the bathroom. Innuendo ensued… but I finally got the damn thing open.

…and soon discovered that my favorite was closed.

I need heroin.