September 27, 2001

say no to hubris


Finished that essay five minutes before it was due and it felt like a prickly planet had been lifted from my aching shoulders. I went home after class and took a two hour nap. Woke up to the sw33t s0wndz of Phish playing at Sugarbush. I listened to Chalkdust Torture three times in a row before going to jazz.

Went to Sir Benedict’s Tavern to listen to Celtic music and celebrate my 21st. I had a long desciption of the night written for this Blither but I forgot to save it. Now I’m quite angry, but it’s such a great day I’m not gonna try to write it again. There will soon be new experiences that need discussion.

But shit, that was some really nice writing. I was quite proud. Thy gods hast striketh me down for mine great hubris.

GRAAH! That’s so frusterating, neh?!