October 7, 2001

wedded to video game fatalism

Greta and Tyler’s wedding was beautiful and insightful… we can anticipate a long entry in Memoirs when all is said and done. Be patient. I’m currently chock full o’ thoughts.

Speaking of surveys, I am feeling really good right now. I took a survey on www.selectsmart.com to figure out which Final Fantasy girl I am most compatible with, and I was happily set up with Princess Garnet as my #1… Flowing dark hair, fine eyes and a body that only the geniuses at Squaresoft can create. What a great girl, featured in Final Fantasy IX; princess turned adventurer turned lover of a handsome swashbuckler with a tail named Zidane. ZiDANE.

See the correlation? See why I’m so excited? How awesome would it be to date a girl that has the ability to summon eidolons (giant magical beasts, for the uninformed) and whoop the enemy’s ass? She could even take on the Machine Room, which started acting up a few days ago. The whole apartment was shaking all morning.

We’re fated for one another.