October 11, 2001

to upgrade your skeleton

What an absolutely glorious day. Warm, sunny, with that crisp smell of autumn thick in the air. I saw a woman out walking her pet skeleton across campus… it was rattling and grinning all over the place. Hey, we all need our exercise.

I upgraded my USB drivers a few days ago, and as a result my printer starting working more consistenly and my scanner asphyxiated. So to get the scanner working I uninstalled all USB drivers and reinstalled them with the mentioned upate.

Good. The scanner then worked fine and the printer went dead. Tried updating the printer drivers, reinstalling the USB drivers again to no effect. Uninstalled and reinstalled printer drivers. Updated drivers. Didn’t work. Reinstalled printer drivers without updating them…

…my life is nothing but reiterations of previously experienced deja vu. Please note that the redundancy in this statement coincides with the redundancy of my typical actions.

Reboot… Success! Outdated drivers are obviously the only way to go. For the first time ever my printer and scanner work simultaneously. Glorious day!

We’ll see how long it lasts.