October 13, 2001

slick imagistic thievery

Please keep your pants on. This is not as exciting as it may look.

…or maybe it is. Welcome to Cromlech version 0.09 …kind of. I got impatient and uploaded the new site, even though it’s only about half done. Part of Writings, all of Music and Slapdash Jest need to be updated. Outside still needs to be created.

Nevertheless, you will notice the interface is considerably slicker than before. I put good thought into its inception and implementation. And graphics are much, much cooler than they’ve ever been, and I credit that to my site designer. Most images are property of myself (or Mazataka, or Carlsberg, or persons other than myself) so they are used with permission… kind of.

You, on the other hand, may not use them without permission. …unless, of course, you are Mazataka, or Carlsberg, or Schwan’s, or the Wisconsin Department of Energy… Ah hell, feel free to steal the whole damn thing.

Except my art. If I find you trying to pass my art as your own I’ll remove your neck.

I need sleep. I assume you do as well. We’ll sleep together. I’ll give you all the spooning you’ll ever want.