October 14, 2001

a plagioclase theory of all

Conception. Inception. Action. Question. Reconciliation. Resolution.

It seems to be the natural order of things, and it seems to happen on an infinite number of fractal scales… the mundane, the ordinary, the unimportant, the curious, the demanding, the necessary. I guess the important thing is to give all levels the same amount of dis/interest. Perhaps not exactly the same, but only as much as the corresponding size of that fractal demands.

I’m accepting the fact that my keys are not going to show up on my doorstep, Peter said his school got an anthrax threat, every time the new motorcycle goes outside it rains and the printer has fallen back out of order.

But damn, I am rock solid on mineral identification. Plagioclase, olivine, orthotricyclin, hornblende and the all-encompassing, metaphysical-theory-generating potassium feldspar.

Ph33r m4 l33t K f3ld5p4r ph1l050ph1!!

Justin Roth was awesome at the Amazing Grace on Friday. Mark and I jumped in the Lake afterwards. If my editors can get their act together, expect a write-up in the infamous Statesman.

..about the concert, not the Lake… but if you want the juicy details of our swim I’d be glad to share. Oh so glad. More than glad.