October 25, 2001

everyday oy vey

I felt like dressing up today, so I threw on my tuxedo. Doug asked me what I was doing, to which I curtly replied, “Studying.”

“Oh, so do you always study in a tux? ‘Well, time to study, better put on my bow tie and coat!'”

Hmm… I now realize the illogic I am operating on. Well, it’s not like college was designed to encourage rationality.

I’m listening to Dave Matthews’ Everyday, which is a CD that I am not very partial to, yet I still find myself enjoying it every once in awhile. It reminds me of our Colorado ski trip last spring break. Listening to it I can relive not just the trip, but my whole emotional, psychological, and philosophical make-up of the time. Just a month prior I had decided to change majors, and it felt like thirteen blazing suns had been lifted from my scorched shoulders. I could leave on vacation, almost free from the gnawing guilt of not practicing saxophone. I could embrace my philosophy class as a helpful well of knowledge, and not just a hindrance that took up precious time from my music responsibilities.

It was good and poorly documented time of my life.

Everyday irks me in that it doesn’t provide what I’ve come to expect from Dave. All the songs are so similar that I have trouble discerning one from another. None seem to share a particularly poignant view on existence; just some general blatherings on love and accomplishment, thrown haphazardly on a heap of ho-hum chord changes and musical mediocrity. Nevertheless, the CD piques certain areas of my brain; enough that I can listen to it and feel my time was spent well.

It’s windy and cold today, and it has stopped snowing. I’m ready for summer, now.

Matt’s Milk Challenge. Yikes. Everyone lost, and made quite a mess outside.