January 4, 2002

zeroed for future retooling

2002 is off to a wonderful start. I wrote a splendid entry the other day on my return to Duluth, a chilling dip in the Lake, rationalities behind all passions… why, I even lapsed into a Latin palindrome, the juices were running so strong!

Of course I deleted the entry by accident, which completely drained all my motivation to start writing up again. Later this week I’ll probably get back in the groove, but right now my interest has been zeroed.

But welcome back. I hope you all are having a wonderful break, and for those of you who work, are enjoying the uninterrupted monotony of that life. Despite my prophecies of ill, I’ll probably do some retooling of Cromlech over the next couple days. A few new sections need to be added (Outside, Quotes) and old ones need to be updated (Archived Blithers, Slapdash Jest, Gnostics). It won’t be too exciting, but it’ll be something. Just something.