January 8, 2002

the eidolon versus the deer

My apologies for the spotty availability of Cromlech these last few days. The Party Apartment has been having trouble with its cable modem. Sometimes it gets unplugged to watch football. If conditions don’t get better soon, I may move Cromlech back to its UMD space. People are starting to complain. When you can’t read it, that also means I can’t update it.

Dan and Vanessa came up to Duluth late last night. After a breakfast at Perkins this morning we drove up to Two Harbors to dig through the factory seconds bin at Granite Gear. This was my second dig up there in less than a week. I was quickly seduced by the coolest snowboarding/skiing/day-tripping backpack ever, and caved in and bought the sucker. I can carry snowboards, snowshoes, ice axes, shovels, keys, canaries, books, keys, sherpas and particle theories in this sucker.

Then we returned to Duluth, went to Sir Ben’s and played Scrabble for two hours. I was gearing up to put down the word eidolon when Dan stole up the ‘d’ with deer. Anger followed.

Now I will go snowboarding, though the sexy backpack will remain at home until I stop falling with such scathing force. I’m sure the backpack can take it, but I don’t know if I can handle the embarrassment. She’s kind of aloof, and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea about me. No more prancing around the apartment naked, leaving the seat up and eating my meals out of a can… at least not in front of the backpack.

It’s time to whip myself into shape. Time to impress the backpack.