January 24, 2002

migratory bruises

What if bruises could move around your body? Say, for instance, you got tripped by a penguin and smacked into a tree. A large bruise develops on your thigh, but what if it could crawl around under your skin and make other parts bruised? It would stay about the same size and shape, of course, but maybe it would crawl up your torso and settle on your shoulder, making it ache like all fury. Every morning would be an exciting inspection to see where the bruise migrated during the night.

Saw the funniest cow today, which some madame was walking out in front of Stadium. It looked like a greyhound dog, only it was four feet tall and painted white with black spots. I think it even had a cowbell, though I do have a fairly active imagination.

I have a weird feeling that this semester is going to be big. Things are going to happen. A good percentage of the world may end up cowering under the great Dane Empire.

You would be wise to start vying for position with me now.