January 25, 2002

contents of bubble wrap

So, this semester all Journalism students were issued laptops… even me, against anyone’s better judgement. At the bleary-eyed time of 8:00 ITSS dropped by our classroom and hooked us up with some phat portable processing power. No one seemed particularly excited (a common case of College Disinterest Syndrome, no doubt) and I actually got distracted by a piece of bubble-wrap before digging into the actual computer.

It took awhile for the coolness of this new toy to finally settle in. I’m now sitting in the library, wirelessly connected to the Internet, tethered only by a power cord and the lack of willpower to go do something besides laptop. I’m busy moving into this computer; making it my new home. In a few days I’ll be able to do most everything on the laptop that I can do at home, and I’m very excited for that amount of mobility.

I can read all my blogs and such from a personal environment, wherever I can find an internet connection. I can write and store thoughts as they pour in. Soon Cromlech will be updated from anywhere but my desktop at home. I think I can even throw all my notebooks and such into my laptop case, thereby eliminating my backpack.

Oh, and a DVD player. Did I mention it has a DVD player? And a CD-RW. And rock-solid Windows 2000. This beast puts my desktop to shame. I have no reason to stay at home, now.