January 27, 2002

this is your phlebotomy

At Cub Foods they had an aspirin display. It was a full-sized skid, stacked chest high with boxes of aspirin bottles. Anticipating a semester wrought with headaches, I was tempted to get a box. Let’s see, thirty bottles in a box, at 99 cents a bottle… that’s less than a dollar a bottle!

Imagine what you could do with that much aspirin. All your friends would call you Peter the Bleeder, regardless if Peter was your real name. Your blood would run so thin that a papercut would send you to the bathtub until the paramedics came to stitch you up. A transfusion would be like trying to mix motor oil in McDonald’s orange drink.

I’ve been listening to String Cheese Incident’s self-titled live cd today. It’s one of my most favoritest cds, oozing with goodness from every digital square inch. I have managed to scratch it all to hell, so the last five tracks are as jittery as a truck driver on Wheel of Fortune and No Doz.

So I put in the second annual Big Wu Family Reunion show instead. Another excellent piece of work, with a 19 minute version of Red Sky to trance the hippies and infuriate the impatient.

Ok, so I really want to be a music writer, because I really like music and I’m pretty good at writing and writing means I can get paid to listen to music, but alas I am not very good at writing about listening to music. Occasionally I will try, so please bear with it. It’s a strange, strange synthesis of parts of my brain that keep telling me they want to remain unintroduced. I’ll get better, I promise.

Laptops generate an amazing amount of heat. If they could make a laptop that runs on heat they would have a perpetual motion machine.