January 30, 2002

automated extreme experience

I started looking into Project Autolech, whereby I will automate entries, archives and post linkage on Cromlech through a slick interface a la every other blog in the digital universe.

Checked out moveabletype.org and as soon as they started talking about CGI scripts, Perl and program compiling I let out a pathetic squeak and scuttled back to my cave. Then I downloaded Perl, which only cluttered up my mind moreso. All this crap sounds like language of an underground drug culture.

Yeah man, this CGI stuff will totally move your type, if ya catch my drift. If you’re interested I’ve also got some extra Perl left over from last night. See the guy over there in the vomit corner? He was compiling program all freakin’ night. Spent two hours arguing with the jukebox.

In other news, my web digesting abilities have come full circle. Every so often, I discover a link before it is posted to MetaFilter. Now I can go about doing things besides Internet. Like updating Cromlech. Or like not updating Cromlech.

Yesterday’s calming snowfall became today’s attempted coffin. We X-Treme sledding at Rock Hill, and for some reason this new snow is really freakin’ fast. Someone built a jump at the bottom of the hill, so we greased the sleds up with silicon spray (contains less than 2% Pamela Anderson) and let ‘er rip. Luke supplied a new-age sled with metal runners that he deemed the Green Reaper, Nate managed to always dig Clementine’s nose in the snow after flying off the jump and Mark pulled some incredible air followed by solid, tailbone-grinding landings. Everyone missed the trees at the bottom of the hill, for the most part.