January 31, 2002

extreme refutation

I feel so petty. One of my articles in the Statesman mentions Americans as wide, stupid, lazy, and prone to falling down elevator shafts a lot. I intended it as complete sarcasm, a jab at the flawed international opinion of our country.

But given where my article was printed, my statement suggests something entirely different. Today’s Statesman was wrought with similar slander against America, only the other writers were serious. It is really trendy to shit on our country, so any college student that gets his/her hands on a public forum will speak such filth. Ooh, look at me! I’m progressive and I don’t think what other people think because I’m the revolution and I must be right because I’m young and my eyes aren’t clouded with knowledge!

The following points need to be refuted:

The Lib. Ed. program should be abolished, because it’s stupid to expect math majors to care about jazz, or art majors to care about science. I’m here to prepare for my career, not to become a rounded person.

Our generation is lazy, uncouth, ignorant and preoccupied with selfishness. It’s way too hard for us to find culture in America.

It’s not fair that professors expect us to go to class.

Even though the points are self-affirming I still find them seriously flawed. UMD’s newspaper needs serious reworking. In the future the Statesman should be printed on Tuesday, and then a new publication, the Anti-Statesman, will come out on Thursday and refute all of Tuesday’s crap.

Guess which one I’ll be writing.

Oh, the server is down. It’s been down for two days. Apologies.