March 24, 2002

venomous man grit

Back. Duluth welcomed us home in a most hospitable way, with shimmering white sheets of northern lights dancing across the night sky. We watched as the folds coalesced into a single stellar chandelier, which continued to pulse with energy as the desert-blooded Woochers froze and retreated indoors.

Trip was incredible. Time to shower for the first time in a week and eat pizza.

I’m covered in man grit… gonna go fix that…

Later: Eep. My body apparently got the wrong impression of my showering actions. What I intended as the working up a fine lather my body interpreted as a harsh scouring with brillo pads. I lost a precious layer of skin down the drain (and the layer under that was stolen by my towel) and now all my scabs need to coagulate anew. So… tired… words stealing away thought.

Soft bed so inviting. No rocks, no sacks of venom.