March 25, 2002

fleshy content and vigor

Whoo hoo! What do we have here? Welcome to the skeleton of Cromlech 0.15. From these bones will be hung the new fleshes of content and vigor, all freshly renewed in the scratchy deserts of Utah.

Things are gonna be a mess around here for a couple days, and by a couple days I mean a couple weeks. Please bear with, for soon I will make it all worth your while by posting pictures of n4k3d w0m3n and such.

Wow I’m a nerd. I can spell in l33t sp34k without even looking at the keyboard.

Augh. Dreamweaver is fucking stupid. It’s wonderful that I have to go to class now and don’t have time to figure out how to make it stop pouting.

The natural progression of emotion: Whoo Hoo! Wow. Augh.

Our apartment phone has been dead since the Friday before spring break. My guess is that UMD forgot to pay the phone bill. The repairman (actually a surly college-aged fellow like ourselves) came by today and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He picked up the receiver, fiddled with some of the phone jacks and left for class.

“We’ll be back tomorrow morning,” he said. I don’t want them to be back tomorrow morning. I want my phone fixed now. I want to call my sister, I need to call my Ripsaw editor, I need to hear a freakin’ dialtone before I go insane.