April 30, 2002

gangrenous entry

This is strange. I keep checking my website to see if it’s been updated lately… Nope. I haven’t written anything new, yet.

Awesome jazz concert tonight.

Putter, putter… only one more hour until I can check today’s HTTP statistics. I’ve settled into the rhythm of this week’s existence. Sleep, Sunrise, Judge Parker, writewritewrite, Sunset, HTTP, Sleep. Will next week be similiar? Doubtful. I find it’s easier to have flights of fancy each week than try and make life consistent. Judge Parker and statistics this week, video editing last week, microfilm a few months ago, snowboarding last winter, rock climbing last fall. Seemingly unrelated pursuits to the outsider, but to me each is drenched in meaning like a stack of opium-soaked tablecloths.

Ick. Uninspired banter. I’m cutting this off right where it is. Lop off the gangrenous limb.