May 4, 2002

impossible challenge

I challenge myself to go the weekend without writing on Cromlech. This is a lot like a musician challenging herself not to practice. A police officer challenging himself to not to stop homicides. Spiderman challenging himself not to go PSHH PSHH and swing through Manhattan with gossamer threads, hunting for evil-doers and hot chicks in impossibly tight and impossibly wet and impossibly pink t-shirts.

What happens to all that sprayed web crap when Spiderman is done using it? Does the stuff just evaporate, or does it eventually lose its stickiness and drop to the ground? I normally wouldn’t be concerned, but if a strand that is as thin as thread and strong as steel were to fall from a building it would risk slicing people in half down on the sidewalk. The residuals of Spiderman’s crimefighting would plague the citizens of New York City for weeks or months afterwards.

I don’t know about you, but I would take the Green Goblin over hundreds of falling roast beef slicers any day.

Challenge begins. See you guys later. Rockstock rocked.