May 5, 2002

universe online

From this hence at USS Clueless came this:

The Universe is back online. Kind of. Check out the press release images and click on the JPG icons running down the side. The images are huge but absolutely stunning and some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I wept.

It reminds of a shot from Ryan Rapsys’ video in recital hour. The camera was focused on hundreds of yellow points against a black background. They looked like stars, but were probably from a night shot of Duluth high atop the hill. The camera slowly started to pull out, capturing more and more of the city, more lights, more stars, more dark. It kept expanding until the entire city could be seen, but somehow managed to keep going farther and farther out. An edge appeared in the periphery, then another, and the city rippled like the surface of a pond. Contained within cracked and yellowed borders Duluth continued to drop away as the camera turned skyward…

To focus on a lamppost. Duluth was contained entirely within a puddle on the sidewalk.