May 20, 2002

Seed Crystals

Hmm. I was half way through a nice entry when I must have inadvertently hit the RUIN ALL MY WORK UP TO THIS POINT keyboard shortcut. Trying to write on a computer is often like writing on paper that’s on fire. No need for a fireplace in which to file the day’s work; each medium has destruction written into its being.

Saw Cowboy Curtis at the 400 Bar this evening, and while watching Chris Morrissey play bass like a maniac genius I realized something about people. We are all crystals who are constantly precipitating out of a creative fog. The world is awash in thick clouds of chaos, and it takes a human spirit to condense beauty out of the air and give meaning to life. We take certain qualities of the world and amplifiy or diminish them to satisfy our creative drive. The truly artistic can pull the beauty out of chaos, but everyone is free to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Through creative work our crystals grow, whether that work be the creation or appreciation of something beautiful. Personally I find this realized in no greater form than in music. When listening to a song it condenses on my body and I absorb it through the skin. it’s more than just sound; it’s a pervasive human spirit that is being unconsciously decoded and slipped into my brain. The song will always be with me; I am the sum of all my experiences.

Blah. I’m really tired. I was up until 5AM last night drinking, playing music and speaking in an English accent, and woke up this morning under a pool table.

low brow:
dare you to elaborate on waking under a pool table? i did once share my ‘passed out in a park story’…
high brow:
the crystalization of humankind out of fog speaks wonders for any form of art, but i beg to differ on a point. i don’t agree that the crystalization realized in music is better than any other, simply that music is the form most accessible. powerful experiences can be had from many varied artistic endeavors, each holding its own sweet, crystaline vibrations.
as for the title of this entry (seed crystals), did i ever talk your ear off on my own exploration of the same title from last summer?

low brow:
The waking up under a pool table is no more interesting than it was stated: I woke up under a pool table because I went to sleep under a pool table. However, it gave me a wonderful idea for a book/movie/aboriginal-sand-painting where a person wakes up under a pool table and spends the entire sand painting trying to figure out what happened in the last few days he cannot remember.
High brow:
Nay, for I do not state that music is better than any other form of art, but that my strong connexions to music allow me to realize crystallization in that medium easier than in others. If someone were running down the street screaming about their abusive mother I would probably not recognise it as performance art. If the same person were to break into a wild bebop and rocksteady saxophone solo, shouting out from the Charlie Parker enclave, that I would recognise as crystallization.