May 27, 2002

Poetry Crap Fest!!!!!!!!!

I’m bad at poetry but I’m good at reading Richard Brodigan. In that light I will write lovely poetry.

Something about a pen!

I touched a pen to my shirt

it left a mark

they assured my it was not fatal

it burned through the cloth

into my flesh

I flung the shirt from my body

but the distant banjos would not shut up

Something about a guitar!

the guitar says everything is all right

but you know otherwise



but you fool yourself

just this once

just every time

Mr. Big Robot Man

Built of painted plywood

guards me from the spittle thieves

authenticates my existence

sells me stereo equipment

Something about a sign!

The sign says 30 m.p.h.

I laugh ha! A challenge!

Speed up, meet the turn

with tires of flame

I am young!

I am virile!

My car plunges into the St. Croix.

I am entombed!



swim alone,

at night,

in unfamiliar places


dive off bridges,

high banks,

into water

of unknown depth

small children

should be watched