May 29, 2002

N’essence of T’ime

It’s a good thing this deal knows what day it is, cuz I sure as hell can’t keep them all straight.

Today I played Grand Theft Auto 3, went to Kame-Apart, ate at Arby’s, painted my computer, changed my oil, cruised around Lake Calhoun (is that spelled right? It feels like it’s missing letters, like Lake Callhoune or Laake Kcallhouwne or Lawuieke Kschahwallowueunght or something), cleaned my room and… umm… there was definitely other stuff but I don’t remember.

Oh yeah, saw Attack of the Clones and enjoyed every bit of clumsy dialogue, stunning imagery and Jedi ass-kicking. Best. Star Wars. Ever. I feel bad that I have been referring to it as Phantom Menace II in the near past. You cannot compare the two flicks. One sucked. The other showed Natalie Portman’s midriff.

Oh, and Natalie. If you are reading this, I would like no more than to refine that last comment after we chat over coffee at Munkabeans or something. 4.0 at Harvard. 3.875 at UMD. Psychology. Philosophy. Double consciousness. Lack of conscience. From New York City. I’ve Been to Duluth. Aggressive negotiations. GTA 3. Beautiful and intelligent. GTA 3.

I hope that we have a few things to talk about. If nothing else, the conversation could be a meaningful exchange between two equals. Let me know.

Summer is lovely. Perhaps I will try windsurfing tomorrow.

Hey Dane, I agree I thought the movie was fabulous as well, except not for all the same reasons (ahem natalie portman) Anywho, keep on truckin man, hope your having a great time on lake calhouneeeeeehlkja.

Dane, sadly i had to succomb to my nerdy side and see the movie with a group of fellow nerds. In the group I like the movie the least thinking it was a bit too slow the first hour. The last part of the movie had some great action scenes though.
Bottom line: For being a puppet he can really whoop some ass.

Yeah, the first hour was pretty bad, and I thought the entire beginning sequence was quite stupid. OOH! The ship exploded, right after that guy said he was surprised the trip went so smoothly! HOW IRONIC! SOMEONE GET ALANIS MOREESSEETTEE ON THE PHONE, CUZ A TRAFFIC JAM WHEN YER ALREADY LATE HAS COMPETITION!
That, and the characters always spoke as though they had a stick shoved so far up their ass that it was clicking against their teeth.
George Lucas can’t write words worth crap, and he has a horrible tendancy to use a jackhammer when a peach cobbler would do.
Ever notice that while one of his committees (trade or federation or jedi or poo or whatever) is discussing something, the freaky-looking alien always says something that contributes NOTHING to the conversation, but needs to say it anyway to give the camera a stupid excuse to show a freaky-looking alien? “Hey kids, look! My name is George Lucas and I came up with a freaky-looking alien!”
I loved the movie.

Hi Dane, it’s Dane–welcome to the “am I reading double” category. This Dane ALSO liked AOTC, drooled over Natalie’s abs–but Dane, my friend, if you read the Rolling Stone article she likes tea. Ah, the quest to find her favorite hangout off campus. Everywhere I go I hear people mumbling about the fantastic Yoda fight but the showing I went to was filled with nothing but the sound of laughter. Maybe it was amazed laughter, I don’t know. All I know is I love talking about the fight and mimicking Yoda’s sounds as he twists and turns around Granpa Dooku–kinda like Grover on speed getting a wedgie. There’s a visual for ya. And it must be clarified that Yoda is not a puppet in any shape or form in this movie. He’s actually a trained frog with prosthetics.
But yes, the dialogue is still crap. It’s silly in the classic trilogy, but here it’s worse.