July 2, 2002

Weekend Setlist (abridged)


Camp Ihduhapi (4:15 pm)> Robbinsdale> Pump ‘n’ Munch T-Shirts> St. Louis Park> Hopkins> Email> Taits’ House> Nerd Grouping> Don Pablos> Cup of Cheese> “Mexican” Dinner> Nightfall Studios> MGM Liquor Warehouse> “You look 15,”> “Your underwear is showing,”> Party at the Petersen’s> Little Canada> Gas Station> Synergy with Dan Kachingwe> Stargate> Chillin’ in Front of Planned Parenthood (11:45 pm)>


Erik’s “Power Hour” (12:05 am)> Dancing with Lovely Ladies> Hopkins> Bed (2:30 am)


Call Mark (7:30 am)> Errands> Duluth> Wendy’s> The Wisdom of the Postmaster> UMD> Planetarium> Mark’s House> Lester River> Cliff Jumping> Grillin’ Brats> Up North Shore> Campfire at Stony Point> Duluth> Erbert’s and Gerberts (11:30 pm)>


Canal Park (12:01 am)> “Hot or 12?”> Bed> Wake> Positively 3rd Street Bakery> Granola> Two Harbors> Granite Gear Factory> Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel> Trespassing> Tent Caterpillar Crushing> Duluth> Ramen> Park Point> Lake> Frisbee and Hotties> Mark’s> Hwy 35> Hopkins> Internet (8:30 pm)