July 4, 2002


I’ve tried two entries today. Neither worked. I zapped both. My writing is dangerously out of practice. It makes me wonder how shitty my saxophone playing will be by the time fall semester starts.

This is what one calls a slump. I will attempt to reverse the trend by reading voraciously.

lost in a slump? i find alaska and a heavy dose of nostalgia might work. luke and i found out how to bring on armegeddon. place you, ellness, and peter in a room with chemicals that can be combined to create explosives. give you some time. poof. instant (sort of) end-of-world. see you in the fall and all that good shite.

Noble Hobo, hope you catch this before too long, but sadly i think you will already be deep into the alaska’s mighty wilderness.
I’m glad you haven’t completely forgetten me…. yet. Anyways the thought had crossed had crossed my mind about the explosives thing, tonight me and a friend played with fireworks for awhile, and although i still have all ten fingers, by all medical means i should about 9.5 fingers. One of my fingers was covered in ash and a bit sore. I suppose i should mention something about Dane’s entry.
Dane, dont sweat the slump, one cant write like Twain all the time (well unless your Mark Twain). But i look forward to the fall when we can destroy stuff again.

Oh, blessed be the fates that send two of our darling souls to the boreal crowne of the Earthe! I hope that Olde Manne Kroiss is at it again, and there is no time to get the kids indoors! If the “Make a Wish Foundation” could grant Darth Luke one wish, it would likely be to sit atop a 5,000 foot Brooks Range cliff in the front seat of a grumbling bulldozer.
…Please pardon me a few moments… I just dropped my mouse, which shattered into a dozen electronic bits because I forgot to screw it together way back when I first took it apart… I don’t recall now how the thing was built…
As for Armegeddeoni, it is a concept that currently rests in the frontal lobe of my brain, having finished “Good Omens” and started “The Stand” over my holiday.
I still have all my fingers.

you forgot the “Ye” in “Olde Manne Kroisse”…
shame, shame.
the alaska wilderness has spit two intrepid travelers back out, mostly the same as the went in. strange breathing noises in the dark, however, bring images of large, hungry, nocturnal bears to mind and lead to insomnia at night.
anyone in duluth on the eve of sunday the 28th should track down the kiddies (probably at annie’s house) for Ye Olde Manne Kroisse’s last night in town, sure to be an occasion for the robust consumption of compiously large amounts of alcohol and vocabulary laden conversation.