September 8, 2002

Lazy Man Hyperlink Bonus Sunday Fun!

I usually don’t link to other sites because I’m too lazy to write the HTML code required to hyperlink. However, today I make an exception because I am horribly addicted to this site:

Quote Database

It is a collection of spicy quotes that cover the entire spectrum of human experience, from super genius to fucking idiot. If you like to be told where to start, just check out a random sampling. Some of my favorites:

(NinjaRyu) atlanta is wigger capital

(NinjaRyu) i saw a guy soup up his parent’s ’86 nissan with a $2500 car stereo and a big ass tailpipe, but the damn thing still couldn’t go above 75

(sortof) i slept on a glowstick wrong

(reuben) somebody keeps jiggling the doorknob on my front door, then running away

(reuben) i don’t know if i should call the police, or hook up some electricity to the doorknob

(cristobal) why don’t you put ice on the stairs

(cristobal) and heat up the door knob

(cristobal) and swing paint buckets down from your two story foyer

(cristobal) then a few years later, fade from the public eye…..

(Phuser) my fan club has a member

(Phuser) my member has a fan club (I hear Chris Fahey’s voice on this one)

This one is uber-nerdy:

(omnius) omnius > join(#www(users()))

(RoBorg) omnius == “dork”

(omnius) omnius == “genius”

(omnius) if (RoBorg() == “omnius is a genius”){RoBorg == true;}elseif(RoBorg() == “omnius is a dork”){RoBorg == banned;}else{RoBorg == “dork”;}

(RoBorg) if(omnius.ban(“RoBorg”)) {RoBorg.violence = 100; RoBorg.rampage(); setTimeout(“RoBorg.alive=false;”, 360000);}

(omnius) omnius(RoBorg -> omnius.string = “omnius is a genius”);

(RoBorg) omnius >> recycle bin;

(omnius) omnius -> undelete(); omnius -> deltree(“c:\\RoBorg”);

(RoBorg) brain://omnius/ == 404

(RoBorg) omnius.split(); omnius.slice(); omnius.explode()

(omnius) $salt = guid(); RoBorg = crypt(“RoBorg”,$salt);

(RoBorg) DELETE * FROM existance WHERE name=’omnius’;

(omnius) RoBorg = broken;

(RoBorg) with(omnius){break;}

(tatclass) YOU ALL SUCK DICK

(tatclass) er.

(tatclass) hi.

(andy\code) A common typo.

(tatclass) the keys are like right next to each other.

(Zybl0re) get up

(Zybl0re) get on up

(Zybl0re) get up

(Zybl0re) get on up

(phxl|paper) and DANCE

* nmp3bot dances :D\-<

* nmp3bot dances :D|-<

* nmp3bot dances :D/-<

([SA]HatfulOfHollow) i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet

(Beeth) Girls are like internet domain names, the ones I like are already taken.

(honx) well, you can stil get one from a strange country 😛