September 9, 2002

All Mighty Senators r0xx0rz m4 b0xx0rz!

The All Mighty Senators concert was epic, and is further proof for my conviction that this year will turn out to be the finest in the history of mankind… at least for me, I think. I’m still ironing out the details of the Dane-centric universe, but the proof will come and with it, redemption. Or some crap like that.

Almost everyone in the Bull Pub was dancing, and dancing hard. Nary a soul left the room that wasn’t drenched in sweat. With two Red Bulls coursing through my blood I soaked through the back and front of my shirt. Intense dancing also revealed an unexpected benefit of having long hair again. While shaking my head around my golden locks seem to act as a tuned mass damper, taking the force off my neck and redistributing it.

Of course, I merely compensate by shaking my head harder and trying to break my neck in the throes of passion, but it’s nice to know I now have the option of avoiding a neck brace for the rest of my life.