October 3, 2002

john galt can do it

How do you go from this…

Here’s my recipe for jack-dandy crab-stuffed sole fillets.

Start with one (1) lb. of frozen chicken. Remove from the freezer ten hours before the meal.

Put chicken in microwave; defrost.

Ten hours later, look in freezer for chicken you intend to use for the Indian curry.

Find chicken in microwave.

Throw away chicken.

…to Atlas Shrugged in less than 200 words? Lileks can do it. He can do many things.

Isn’t it weird how whenever you start on something, whether it be a book or a research project or whatever, that random references start bubbling up everywhere in the real world? It makes you wonder, “Were the references there before and I didn’t notice because I didn’t know to notice? Or? Is something strange and divine actually spinning my story behind the red velvet curtain? Perhaps these references are hints that we’re on the right track… or on the wrong track. Perhaps we can utilize a truism here: “These references hint that we’re either on the right or wrong track, or hint at nothing at all.”

Oops. I had to make that a nested truism to avoid a logical breakdown of the statement.

And if that little thing of divinity, which is likely a backwards talking midget, is still there now, why isn’t he helping my sentence structure right now?

The other question is how much of the experience of living is created by our minds? We can go a little Descartes on the subject, but I don’t think that’s a good can of worms to open. It almost leads me to believe that instinctually, we can’t interact with our environment, short of necessity (food, water, etc.), and that “day-to-day living” is a acquired skill. Ponder that one, children. 🙂