October 9, 2002

flour flingin’ insane

Walking back from the library tonight everything chinked together. Nothing really changed, but it was like someone threw flour into my chai tea and thickened things up. It was the cold breath of October on my skin. It was the divine voice of a saxophone solo running its fingers down my spine. I realized I had been hung up on my hang-ups, so I just tossed ’em aside; didn’t get hung up on having been hung up on my hang-ups, either. There’s no sense in regression.

Things were ridiculous again. I thought about ancient Egyptians sucking the brains out of their pharaohs with straws… and realizing that they didn’t have shop vacs back then so there was only the good ol’ cocotte way of producing suction. Just like siphoning gas out of a corpse. Perhaps out of a Safety Deposit Corpse.

Today I ordered the Cowboy Bebop Limited Edition Complete Series of Ass-Kicking Anime and Hot Jazz Boxed Set. Spent a bundle on it. Saved a bundle by not buying each session separately. Use this handy quiz to figure out which Cowboy Bebop song is right for you.

Reality is fleshing out again, bringing with it the surreal. I overheard this in the hallway, today:

“They had a funeral for the circus. Charlie was working, so he couldn’t be there.”

It’s comforting to know that for how much I think I know about what’s going on in my world, all I need to do is take one step sideways to be completely flummoxed.

It’s reality, twice-removed.

Boy, I’m needin’ an email from you since you do not advertise that contact information ANYWHERE in the nooks, crannys, confines or armpits of this site. I got some web stuff to aks you about. Relating to the fact that I’m digging the new domain.
What does this have to do with the topic? well, i’ve been flour flingin’ insane for 30+ years. “Read the book…” “Get to know me!!!!” I also share the same name as the freak that runs this show. Dane’s are notoriously bored. Think about it: what do they REALLY do over in Denmark? They make great furniture and then…they sit around bored until they….have…to make a chair….or something….Someone wrote to me “too many dane petersens are a bad and dangerous thing.” al pacino once said “I’M JUST GETTIN’ WARMED UP!!!”
To reiterate. Old man requests boy email him. Thank you.