October 11, 2002

porkies version 3.0

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. This is the first time Duluth has seen the sun in two weeks, and one could mistake this place for spring if it wasn’t for all the color exploding off trees and shredding people to death with foliage shrapnel.

It even smells like spring, with that scent of warm mud tickling the nostrils. Golems are rising up out of the soil, tipping their hats affectionately and giving a pleasant, “how ya do?” to passersby.

This weekend we’ll be truckin’ off to the Porcupine Mountains. Last time I went I got a tree dropped on my head and had to evacuate to the Ironwood hospital to make sure my skull wasn’t going to crack open and leak transmission fluid.

The Porkies are fun. I hope I get to hang around this time.