December 9, 2002

can’t spell north without ort

Du Nord :: Edgin' the BWCA

A wonderful weekend of cabins and pines and people and snow and lakes and morning light and pictographs and icicles and random blues and bouldering and table-traversing and fruit and thai and chaos toast and spaghetti-snorting.

“Where did it go?”

“I lost it.”

“Do you feel it in your throat?”

“No. I think it went up in my brain.”


“Oh wait. There it is.”

Ah man, after a weekend of North stylized fun, I had to return home. To my dissapointment no noodles stuck in no brains awaited me at home. In fact, after the forty eighty hours of uncontrolled stimulation and high that only a cabin full of Woochers! next to a giant frozen lake can match it’s kind of a let down.
Well I guess I can sleep again, but you gotta admit, there is a certain kind of fun only to be had when you are under constant stimulation mixed with absolutely no sleep. I had some wild dreams.

madchemmer, i know exactly how you feel.
how wonderful the exhaustion brought on by so many happy people doing so many random things.

did anyone fall thru the ice this year, only to escape with practiced efficiency? Ryan, i’m looking at you…

this year’s fun -filled excitement came when a yet to be named woocher! went for a head-over-heels tumble down a 20′ cliff he likes to try to call a hill. at least his ass cushioned the fall…

well, at least Ryan did learn and did not go for a plunge again. I find it amusing he at least tried to see if he could fall thru again. Maybe we need to make him start wearing a life jacket all winter long. I bet he’d get the chicks then….