December 13, 2002

this is your said uncle

A brief upate before I collapse from exhaustion and drown in 3mm of water in the shower.

My social calendar for finals week has more stuff going on than I’ve done all year. It’s really weird how this happens, as though everyone’s sitting around studying all year and suddenly someone perks up and says, “Crap! We’re supposed to be college students! Let’s go party or something!”

Rehearsal with the combo, eight Lukes a-smashing, seven snowboard carvings, six hours of sleep, five foggy parties, four drunken brawls… three web designs, two Old Chi hangs, and a jazz gig at some crazy bar.

Yesterday I jammed my toe on the staircase and broke my pinky toe. Now it’s all black and purple and I can’t wear shoes. I’m just happy it’s still attached. For how hard I hit that thing it should have popped right off and sailed behind the couch.