December 10, 2002

desktop reservoir

Desktop Reservoir

By popular request I’ve finally created a desktop wallpaper gallery. Go nuts and make your computer beautiful.

Completely off the subject, I had an erotic dream with one of your friends whom I’ve never met, but posts comments here every once in a while. Just thought I would let you know.

Heidegger says being doesn’t exist.
Heidegger doesn’t exist.
Existence doesn’t exist.
The above statement doesn’t exist.
Neither does the existence statement above.
Nope, not that one, either.
Maybe this one exists?
Nope. I was mistaken.
Aren’t deflationary theories great?
They sure are.
But deflationary theories don’t exist.
Is it true that deflationary theories don’t exist?
It is true.
Ok. So is the statement “it is true” true, or is it just shorthand for saying “Deflationary theories don’t exist”?
Just shorthand.
Does shorthand exist?
No. No it does not.
So the statement “it is true” does not exist.
That is true. Wait a sec-
I’ll grab a mop.

wait, how do you identify someone you’ve never met? was he/she wearing a nametag?
dane, don’t worry. i know that you haven’t existed since i met you. that tinfoil floating in the air last night freaked a few people out though…

Well, I know who is because Dane has a picture of him in his car. But I’ve never personally met him. He might have be wearing a nametag, though I believe he was actually only wearing a rather snazzy fedora.