January 5, 2003

transmission from mountain

This will only hurt for a second. After 14 hours of driving and 6 hours of killing time in Boulder and 36 straight hours of being awake, we are finally raising a ruckus in Summit county. With a solid day of skiing at Breckenridge under our belts we are chilling to Rusted Root, playing Vice City and fixin’ some brownies and spaghetti. A steamy hot tub soak still awaits. Tomorrow it’s Breakfast Coors and Copper Mountain.

Please, no shouting in front of the internet.

mmmm…my winter bound friends – i’m jealous of the snow that you are playing in. make and throw snowballs a’plenty since minnesota is not cooperating in the bury-us-alive winter i wish for.

For those of you who aren’t in colorado, that’s a bummer. Sorry. For the rest of you, What is the itenerary for the rest of your trip? Let me know if you so desire.
jon shay 3036015705

Dane although im not there im still doing my best to kill myself on the slopes, in fact the first day out on my skis and boots tradegy damn near struck. The toes of my boots broke, well in shattered would be a more appropriate description. After I scrapped myself off the slope I did my best to collect the plastic remains of half of my boots. I collect most of it but not all the parts. When I first hit the slope after losing both boot toes I looked like a mess. Actually yard sale was what a few labeled it as. My poles, skis and bright ride pieces of plastic formally attached to my boots all riddled the slope.
However the next day I picked back up my x-c skis and am now doing my best to bring the xtreme into cross country skiing.
I miss ya folks out there!