January 18, 2003

it’s a wacky worker’s world

Little nuggets of joy, brought to you by the Workers World Party, your favorite leper standing behind International A.N.S.W.E.R.

In addition, the heroic uprising of the Palestinians has mobilized the population of many Arab countries against U.S. imperialism and increased the support for Iraq.

Urm. I wouldn’t exactly call suicide bombings ‘heroic’.

In a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, Clark denounced U.S. policy toward Iraq. “This is genocide,” he said. “The progress that Iraq has made must not be lost at 12 noon on Jan. 20 when George Bush is inaugurated. Inspections teams and the oil-for-food program were both frauds from the beginning. There is no justification for the sanctions. They are a war by other means.”

There was that little thing with Kuwait and the Gulf War, but there are NO JUSTIFICATIONS!

Before returning home the delegates will meet the minister of health and visit a pharmaceutical plant, a school for the blind, the Iraqi Women’s Federation, a food distribution center and a battleground with known concentrations of depleted uranium in its soil, among other places.

And the orphanage and the zoo and the circus and the chocolate factory and the fisherman’s wharf and the pony farm and the micro-brewery and the Wal-Mart and the anthrax plant.

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein put rumors he was ill to rest by delivering a 20-minute address on Iraqi television Jan. 17. He said the war was a confrontation between good and evil, which was continuing till this day.

Well, he’s got one thing right.