January 18, 2003

class lists

Moose: what classes you takin’ for your final load?

Sun Ra: Impractical Graphix, Web Paige Carnage and Permutation, Family Values and Stoichiometry, Jump Ass Ensemble 1, Miscommunication and Elasticity, and Crucibles of Persuasion.

Moose: Nice.

Sun Ra: What are you taking?

Moose: Hmmm, Acting Detrementals, Next-Dimension Digital Discourse, Visual Illiteracy, Picasso for Dummies 2, and Ecohellology with lab in global non-issues. I’ve even been given forwarning that in one class “imagery that some people may deem objectionable may be introduced for the purpose of educational discourse.”

Sun Ra: Whoo!

Moose: I’m excited.

Sun Ra: You collect the babies and I’ll burn them alive!