January 20, 2003

slip, stitch and pass

Well. School starts tomorrow for the last time ever. It’s a good thing, too, cuz I’m really running out of things to do. All my Blither archives from Cromlech have finally fallen under the grinding gears of Movable Type. The photo indexes have been updated to allow easier navigation back to the main indexes. Photo galleries from camp and Colorado have been uploaded. The individual and monthly archives have been given a beautiful and unified design complete with mountains. The Muffler Man featured on the splash page has stepped down from his podium to allow more mountains.

“I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains!”

“You wrinkly little hobbit, everywhere I look, it’s mountains. Wild wide panoramas of nothing but mountains. Mountains to the north, mountains to the south. Mountains to the east and cranky mountains that spit fire and smoke and orcs to the west. I climb up a spine in the hills and the helicopter zooms by just to show off the stupid mountains.”

This website is knitting for me. I knit keep my hands busy during idle times. I can’t stand being idle… I need to always be doing something. I often take my meals while pacing around the kitchen. My winter break was a whirlwind of activity that has taken me from Duluth to the Cities to Madison to the Cities to Camp to the Cities to Duluth to the Cities to Boulder to Golden to Dillon to Boulder to the Cities to Duluth to Two Harbors to the Cabin to Duluth.

It’s a busy and exhausting life, but I love it that way. Ironically, the less I do the more tired I feel, which is why I’m excited for school to start. Still, tomorrow I don’t have class until 2:00, and all this semester I never have class before noon. This is any college senior’s dream, but I’m going to go absolutely crazy if I don’t make up some reasons to get out of the apartment before noon every day. Often class is the only thing that pulls me away from the computer. I don’t particularly enjoy sitting in front of it, but I keep finding so many neat things to read, and things to do, and photos to edit, and emails to send, and code to fix, that’s it’s easy to get tons of stuff done right here and never venture outside.

Class at 2:00 doesn’t mean I’ll sleep until noon like any normal student. Class at 2:00 means I’ll sleep until 9:00 at the latest, work on the computer, skip breakfast and lunch, check my watch, and barely make it to class on time. This was the rhythm of last semester, the rhythm of the millstone. This, my friends, I cannot allow to be the case again. It was a curious experiment, but more needs to be done that cannot be done here. I have a semester pass at the climbing wall. A season pass at Spirit Mountain. A car that aches for quick drives up the north shore.

There’s still lots to do. Lots and lots and lots to do.