January 23, 2003

cunning like a… weasel…

Well, so far things are off to a pitiful start. Due to my cunning resourcefulness I bought all my textbooks online rather than bending over and letting the big man at the UMD Bookstore have his way. Due to my cunning resourcefulness I still don’t have my textbooks. They arrived yesterday, but I was at school from 10:30 to 10:30 so I couldn’t visit the mailroom in time to glean my packages from them. Due to my cunning resourcefulness, I got to fail a QUIZ on our SECOND DAY OF CLASS.

During the open-book quiz I did plug in the name of my missing textbook, called up its “Look Inside!!!!!” page scans off Amazon.com, and was able to answer half the questions before the bookstore mafia realized that I wasn’t just browsing. But 50% don’t cut it in the mafia. With only one broken kneecap, your charity can still hobble away. I’m a horrible failure.

But at least I’m cunning. Did I mention I was cunning?

Why didn’t you buy them from the b-store with the intention of returning them when you get the books you ordered? It’s like a library for the first two weeks of the semester.