January 23, 2003

hey man, lay off the politiks

Iraqis seem to think that the exchange rate for blood and oil ain’t that bad after all.

Citing interviews with Iraqi asylum-seekers arriving in Britain, officials claimed that the modest but significant unrest in central Iraq has unnerved the authorities, who have taken steps to shore up their flagging support and to crush dissent.

I pray for the lives of Iraqi asylum-seekers that foolishly stumbled into Paris and Berlin.

Anti-Saddam slogans, such as “For how long will the Iraqi people sleep?”, have been daubed on statues and photographs of the Iraqi leader. Leaflets predicting Saddam’s downfall have also been circulated. The campaign of dissent, which is punishable by death for anyone caught, has apparently been co-ordinated by two opposition groups emboldened by the prospect of a looming war.

Good for them. With any luck, this war will be fought both inside and out.

Current exchange rate for oil for blood: One pint for one galleon. One and a half pints for one barrell if it’s o positive, 1/2 pint for one barrell if it’s o negative.

if i could get a galleon for a pint of blood, i’d do it in a heartbeat.
imagine the terror of a load of woochers! in a galleon on the high seas.

Arr! We could trade pirate jokes all night long on the dark seas, and for what? A pint of blood? Best deal in all the land! Fill the casks with Grog! Raise the mizzen mast! Do other generic piratey things! Wooch! is shovin’ off!

didja hear the one about the pirate who walked into a bar with a steering wheel dangling from his nuts?