January 29, 2003

world news rodeo

Leave to to the wires to print the news. The news that matters.

“When I have visitors, they sleep there with the fresh scent of toothpaste,” Kolpakov, 36, told The Saginaw News for a story Tuesday.

Creeped out yet? The rest is complete proof that the cold war is over.

A woman who says she bought magic wands from a self-described psychic to erase negative thoughts says $5,400 of her money was all that disappeared.

It’s not that she’s a sucker that makes this interesting. It’s that it happened in Bethlehem. I always thought Jesus would be reborn a spunky teenage girl pop singer. Perhaps the Son of God is a phony psychic, instead.

Lies, Lies, Lies! All I hear are lies! Funny. I thought today they would be lining up those lost mason jars of anthrax and heaving sledgehammers at them. Meanwhile, Bush wants to throw a kegger down at the U.N. on the 5th, at which he’ll get everyone sloshed enough that he can reveal new evidence for the case against Iraq, without anyone actually remembering anything the morning after. Allies are all for partying. France and Germany are still busy pissing their pants and might not RSVP.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of a clown.